But one thing I would strongly caution against is accepting the current industry rubric about “content.” That term does a lot of nefarious rhetorical work in »

Noxious Obsolescence

Business models have changed to encourage obsolescence — a really noxious phenomenon when applied to culture and one on which our descendents will judge us, along with »

Adaptive Design

Design up to now is widely conceived as directing the complex assembly and composition of elements into consumable “products” (including buildings). This process also typically bestows »

Toward Resilient Architectures: Agile Design

As software pioneer Ward Cunningham described it, specifying the desired behaviors always required elaborate definitions and standards, while, paradoxically, generating them often only required the identification »

The Tech Culture Bubble

To those less kind, Bitcoin has become synonymous with everything wrong with Silicon Valley: a marriage of dubious technology and questionable economics wrapped up in a »